New Intergrated School Management System

ShulePro is the most popular school management system in Kenya. Other supported countries include Uganda, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands, Brazil,Canada, Cuba, Finland,France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel,Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway and Tanzania

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  1. Customizable grades at all levels: You can change the grading scale of any subject, exam or terms or semester
  2. Receive fee payments and print detailed receipts
  3. Use SMS to communicate fee balances and exam results to school parents.
  4. Sync exams across regions and share results with neighboring schools
  5. Does not require the internet.
  6. SMART report cards
  7. Works on networks
  8. Multi-School
  9. Includes dormitories management
  10. No recurring fees
  11. No long term contracts
  12. Its Kenyan Made, tested and used.
  13. Affordable
  14. Easy to use
  15. School Fees Collection using Fee Break down.
  16. View students results online
  17. Compare exam performance and term performance
  18. Includes a Library and Student's notes modules.


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ShulePro provides the Easiest Exam Analysis module and sits in well with IGCSE and other education systems as a school management system

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